The Inner Journey

Code-Nr.: 2022 FA-0085
Size of the canvas: 30 x 40 cm
Type: Unique
Technique: Fluidart-Technique
Material: color and light intense acrylic paints
Sealing: high quality glossy varnish to protect the artwork and preserve the luminosity and intensity of colors
Signature: on the back and on the bottom right of the canvas side
The sides are also covered with paint so that the artwork can be hung without a frame

An artwork full of depth and full of details. An artwork in which you can completely surrender to yourself and your imagination.
A shimmering green and a radiant gold reveal themselves to you in the daylight.
Colorful and mystical at the same time shows you this artwork full of energy and power. Embark on your inner journey - immerse yourself in this living artwork
full of creative figures.
Take the time to explore this artwork. Let yourself fall and feel how the power of the colors passes over to you.

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