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General information about my artworks

I create all my artworks with long-lasting and light-intensive acrylic paints on different canvas formats and then seal them with a high-quality varnish. I deliberately leave the choice of canvas format and size up to you, the customer. You will find the signature of my energyartworks on the side and on the back so that you can hang the artworks in your rooms as you wish.
Each of my artworks has an empowering message that allows you to immerse yourself even more deeply in the artwork.
My energyartworks are sent securely packaged by post with a message and a certificate of authenticity.


In addition to commissioned artworks, I create intuitive energyartworks.
In deep connection to my inner source, I let all the colors and energies flow through me that want to show themselves on the canvas.
This results in light-filled energyartworks that allow you to consciously look within. They act like a mirror into the inner world and support you in recognizing your inner power.
Each of my energyartworks is unique and one of a kind in the world.

Here you will find a selection of my available originals

Personal commissioned artworks

I would be delighted to create your very own commissioned artwork for you - a unique one-off with a personal dedication.
A commissioned artwork is created in deep connection with you as the client. After our preliminary discussion, I incorporate your personal wishes into the artwork. Before creating, I connect with your inner source and let myself be intuitively guided by what you would like to see on the canvas. This results in individual and personal energyartworks that will touch and accompany you on the deepest level.

Are you interested?
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Customer feedback

I always enjoy reading how the energyartwork you have purchased affects you once it has moved into your home.
What does it move in you? What does it do to your room?
The more you get involved with the artworks, the deeper they have an effect on you.

Here you will find a selection of my Customer feedback


Let yourself be inspired by a small selection of my artworks that have already found a home. Even if they are no longer available, I can create your commissioned artwork in similar colors or compositions.
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sold energyartworks

Kunstwerk Power of Positivity - Ramona Engelmann
Kunstwerk Energie der Chakren - Ramona Engelmann
Kunstwerk Golden Sun - Ramona Engelmann
Kunstwerk Galaxy of Dreams - Ramona Engelmann
Kunstwerk Flow of Courage - Ramona Engelmann
Kunstwerk Galaxy of Energy - Ramona Engelmann