Ramona Engelmann

Ramona Engelmann

The power of your own being

My name is Ramona Engelmann, I create light-filled energyartworks that support you in recognizing your own inner strength in order to draw from it for your life.

In my perception, we are all creators of our own reality. We have the power within us to constantly reshape, adapt and change our lives. In order to recognize this inner power, I believe we need to take a conscious look at our own inner world.

Ramona Engelmann Über mich

"There is always a way out of every shadow into the light.
It is up to us alone to decide which direction we choose."

Ramona Engelmann


The call of my heart

Before I discovered the path to art for myself, I worked in IT for many years - very controlled and absolutely in my head. Time and again, I pushed myself to my limits and blamed the outside world for my inner pain. 
Caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life, I sought a balance in art. I tried out various techniques and finally discovered my unbridled enthusiasm for fluid art - creating with liquid acrylic paints.
From the very beginning, this type of art made me feel what it means to simply let go, to simply be.
I began to regularly take part in awareness training sessions, which today enable me to perceive myself more and more deeply, so that all my heart's power can flow into my energyartworks. You will certainly be able to feel this power when you look at my artworks.

Art from the heart - art for the soul

My art and my insights from the awareness training sessions have come together in a unique way.
When I create, I am deeply connected to my inner source - I intuitively allow all the colors and energies that want to flow through me. Everything is allowed to be.

The energyartworks that emerge from this connection are like a mirror into the inner world - they touch you where words are sometimes not enough. Powerful colors and compositions, united in stillness and movement.
My artworks connect with your heart and accompany you on your path to recognizing your inner strength.

If you are interested in diving deeper into yourself through my energyartworks, please take a look at my offers.

I am looking forward to your request!

All my love,

Impressionen Lichtwesen Ramona Engelmann
Impressionen Frisches Werk Ramona Engelmann
Impressionen das Sternentor Ramona Engelmann