Flower Tendril of Light - SOLD

Size of the canvas: 30 x 40 cm
Type: Unique
Technique: Fluidart-Technique
Material: color and light intense acrylic paints
Sealing: high quality glossy varnish to protect the artwork and preserve the luminosity and intensity of colors
Signature: on the back and on the bottom right of the canvas side
The sides are also covered with paint so that the artwork can be hung without a frame

A beautiful tendril of flowers full of life and light snakes through the thicket.
It lolls in the direction of the sun - her wonderful flowers radiate full of energy towards you. They bloom for you in vibrant, strength-giving colors.
The golden rays of the sun settle on this magnificent vine. They refuel it, give it everything it needs. Full of light and love, it continues to grow and thrive.
Give yourself and your surroundings light and love - grow beyond yourself and shine like this beautiful flower tendril.