Fire & Water

Code-Nr.: 2022 FA-0127
Size of the canvas: 60 x 60 cm
Type: Unique
Technique: Fluidart-Technique
Material: color and light intense acrylic paints
Sealing: high quality glossy varnish to protect the artwork and preserve the luminosity and intensity of colors
Signature: on the back and on the bottom right of the canvas side
The sides are also covered with paint so that the artwork can be hung without a frame

Fire and water - two elements so strong and irrepressible. Full of power and energy, they reveal to you their light-filled beauty.
A kindled fire that wants to remind you of your inner passion. Powerful waves of water that meet your inner fire with gentleness. They form a connection.
They keep each other in balance. Feel how these two energies pass over to you. Feel your power.

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