"My art helps people to go into silence, to feel their own being and to recognize their own strengths and gifts."

"My art helps people to go into silence, to feel their own being and to recognize their own strengths and gifts."

Ramona Engelmann mit Kunstwerk Golden Sun

The power of your own being

"We are all creators of our own reality and we can change it with each of our choices. Thus, we can also create a reality of harmony and mindfulness in which we live according to our abilities that truly fulfill us. For this, it is necessary to recognize our unique strengths and gifts within us in order to live according to them.

I find a way there in my art. In addition to the colors, I also let my experiences and insights from meditations and energy work flow onto the canvas. Guided by my intuition, I create power-giving artworks that let us feel our being consciously when we look at them. In a sense of deep intimacy, they allow us to recognize our uniqueness, our fulfilling abilities. Powerful colors and expressive compositions united in stillness and movement. They give us the courage and strength to believe in ourselves and let us look forward positively.

With my artworks I remind the viewer of his inner strength. I encourage him to consciously live according to his strengths and thus experience inner peace."

"The more attentive we are with ourselves, the more developed our ability to positively impact our lives."

Ramona Engelmann

The Artist

Ramona Engelmann is a self-taught artist from Brandenburg. She found her fascination for abstract art in the expressive artist Jackson Pollock, who later served as a role model for her and made her pursue various painting techniques in this direction. In 2017, she finally discovered her irrepressible passion for the fluid art technique - creating artworks with liquid acrylic paints.

With an enormous expertise, which she also acquired over the years in the areas of awareness and energy work, she emphasizes her skills in art and combines both focuses in her painting. With her expressive colors and compositions, she invites the viewer to look inside and feel their own being.

In 2022, she decided to leave behind her long career in the IT industry and devote herself exclusively to her energetic art.

She now sells her artworks internationally.

Ramona Engelmann was born in Germany in 1985 and lives in Cottbus, Brandenburg.

Ramona Engelmann im Wald